3 Natural remedies that lower your high Blood pressure and cholesterol

3 Natural remedies that lower your high Blood pressure and cholesterol


Cholesterol increases the risk of obesity and heart problems; hence controlling it, is fundamental. You can reduce and control your cholesterol levels within 2-4 months through proven herbal remedies.



  • Fenugreek or Garlic



Significantly reduces harmful cholesterol in the blood and free up the arteries and balance the blood pressure


One teaspoon fenugreek seeds soak overnight in one cup of water.  The next day morning, chew it in the morning on an empty stomach.

Or chew 1-2 raw garlic cloves in the morning on an empty stomach and drink water after that.  



  •  Pomegranate juice



Pomegranate is the treasure house of anti oxidants than many other fruits.   It has the power to lower the bad cholesterol (LDL) and improve heart health.  Other health benefits are reduces stress, boost immunity, improves digestive functions.

Drink one or two glasses of pomegranate juice daily to get all its benefits.



  •  Boost your metabolism to balance high blood pressure and cholesterol



Improving metabolism is vital to reduce high cholesterol levels.  Combinations of spices in the right manner effectively help to rectify the metabolism to normal, thus reduces the fat deposition.


Dry ginger powder 1/2 teaspoon

Cumin seed powder 1 teaspoon

Corriander powder 1 teaspoon

Ajwain seed powder ¼ teaspoon

Fennel seed powder 1 teaspoon

Black pepper powder ¼ teaspoon

Gotucola (Brahmi) powder 1 teaspoon

Rock salt one pinch

Mix well in half glass of water and drink 2 times a day

Along with home remedies, it is essential to follow a specific diet for maximum benefits.  Include all these foods in your daily diet and stay away from the risk of heart problems, obesity, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and Diabetes naturally

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