The term 'Arthritis' is used to describe around 200 conditions that affect joints, tissues that surround the joint & other connective tissues. It basically means joint inflammation, a rheumatic condition that usually begins slowly with minor symptoms that come and go, normally on both sides of the body, which progresses over a duration of weeks or months.

The conditions that are rheumatic tend to involve pain, aching, stiffness, and swelling in and around one or more joints. Arthritis is more common among adults aged 65 years or older, but it can affect people of all ages, including children. Physical activity has a decisive effect and can improve arthritis pain, body functions, and mental health. Let's dive into the early signs of this condition & how a natural treatment can benefit the person.


The early symptoms of arthritis may vary depending on many factors such as the type of arthritis, age of the individual and which joint is involved. Some of the early indications include -

  • Stiffness in the joints, especially in the morning
  • Fatigue due to the body’s reaction to the inflammation
  • Pain in the affected area
  • Decreased range of motion of the affected joint
  • The skin over the affected joint may appear red and inflamed
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Presence of small, bump-like swelling
  • Numbness and tingling
  • Fever, if the arthritis is due to an infection
  • Loss of appetite & weight loss 



Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis are the two main types of arthritis among the other types. Once established, it can slowly or sometimes quickly cause more cartilage (tough, rubbery substance that’s softer than bone) loss, leading to "bone-on-bone". It can be present and painless for years until the loss matures enough to justify the symptoms. Below are some of the common causes -

  • Old age
  • Excessive consumption of dry, cold or stale food 
  • Exposure to severe cold and dry weather 
  • Excessive use of joint
  • Obesity
  • Dislocated joints & ligament injuries
  • Hereditary 



The Cartilage channels are called 'Asthivaha Srotas' in Ayurveda. 

Whenever there is excess Vata in the body, because of age or diet/lifestyle factors, it finds places where it can get attracted - like the empty spaces of bones and joints. This gathering of Vata degenerates the bones & bone-related tissues.

When the 'Asthivaha Agni', the metabolic fire or enzymes responsible for producing bone & cartilage tissues, gets depleted due to excess Aama(toxins), sedentary lifestyle or improper food - even the bone nourishment factors (Calcium, Vitamin D etc.) does not help in that case.

Given the reasonable effectiveness and potential side effects of traditional treatments, both patients and doctors are seeking out alternative therapies, including those offered by the ancient healing system 'Ayurveda'. The natural arthritis treatment not only prevents additional degeneration in the joints but also rejuvenates damaged cartilages.


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Author of the Blog: Dr. Rajeshri Mehta

Expert Review By: Dr Smita Pankaj Naram

Co-Founder, Ayushakti Ayurved Pvt Ltd