Amazing Home Remedies For Stress Management

Amazing Home Remedies For Stress Management

Pamper Yourself!

There are innumerable ways of prioritizing and caring for ourselves; one of them is home remedies, and it is generally safe to use and more conventional. However, choosing to focus on things like sufficient rest and other practices can assist us with remaining focused as we explore the disturbance of the world around us.


Those that give a feeling of establishing, unwinding, warmth, unctuousness, and steadiness will be best for adjusting to overabundant stress, yet you should follow your instinct; you should realize yourself best.


Below we have framed several different possibilities which might spark an interest. 


  • Do Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Oil Massage)

Abhyanga is an exemplary Ayurvedic full-body oil rub which centres around reflex zones in the head, face and feet.


How to do Abhyanga at home?

  • Pour ½ cup of oil into a clean squeeze bottle.
  • Apply oil to your whole body from head to toe.
  • Massage oil on your scalp in a circular motion.
  • Continue the massage to your forehead, ears, cheeks, jaws and neck.
  • Massage your chest and abdomen in clockwise and circular strokes.
  • Continue the massage to your arms, legs, back and butt.
  • Massage your toes, including soles
  • Rest for 10 minutes to let the oil sit back on your skin.
  • Take a warm water shower or bath.


  • Practise Nasya

In Ayurveda, the nose is viewed as the immediate course of the brain and the entryway to cognizance. It is the entry for prana, the life force, which is helped into the body through the breath.


When an overabundance of liquids aggregates in the sinus, throat, nose, or head regions, it is best to eliminate it through the nose. Oil can assist with working to purify the nostrils passage, especially while utilizing Nasya Oil.

How to do Self Nasya?

  • Start by resting on your back and shifting your head back with your nostrils opening towards the sky. While lying on a bed, you might hang your head off the edge or spot a little pillow underneath your neck for support.
  • Place a few drops of Nasya Oil in each nostril. With expertise, you can manage the oil, drop by drop, circulating within the edge of the nostril, completely covering the nasal membranes.
  • Take a big sniff in, then rest for a couple of moments, permitting the nasya to enter.


 A recent report proposes that even breathing in tea fragrance- black tea, especially- can assist with bringing down feelings of anxiety and produce a more calm temperament.


Herbal Teas contain numerous kinds of natural calming compounds that might help the human body: antioxidant, antiviral, and antibacterial.


One of our #1 teas is CCF tea, the popular Ayurvedic blend of cumin, coriander, and fennel that is normally used to strengthen the digestive system. Drinking CCF Tea is one of the easiest ways to calm yourself down, savour the moment, and appreciate the magic of nature. 


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