5 Super secret DIY tips for powerful memory at any age

5 Super secret DIY tips for powerful memory at any age

Ayushakti Ayurveda’s tips for powerful memory at any age also have many potent herbs that help to sharpen the mind and boost memory. If you are above age 50, include these tips in your daily routines to prevent memory problems.


These home tips are equally beneficial for children and adults. You will have sharp memory all the time.


  1. Ghee nourishes the brain functions


Take one teaspoon of ghee on an empty stomach in the morning every day with warm water or herbal tea.


  1.  Almond improves memory


Eat 10 soaked almonds daily in the morning before your breakfast.  


Or make Almond butter 2-3 teaspoons twice a day.

  1.  Ash gourd Juice 


White pumpkin, English marrow, or Ash gourd significantly improves memory and calms down anxiety and stress. It has the power to promote brain functions naturally.


Take one glass of fresh juice every day. You can sweeten the juice with honey or maple syrup.


  1.  Gotu Kola, the amazing herb 


Gotu Kola (Brahmi) is known for several health benefits from ancient ages. The most important benefit is memory boosting.  


  1. One teaspoon of Gotu kola powder mix in half glass of water and drink twice daily. Alternatively, you can also infuse tea with two cups of water, boil it to one cup, and sweeten it with maple syrup or raw cane sugar.

  1.  Shirodhara 



Doing Shirodhara once a week helps significantly improve brain functions, promotes mental clarity, clears brain fogs, and enhances memory. Shirodhara also naturally relieves stress, anxiety, and depression and balances blood pressure. You feel calm and tranquil.


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