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We don't just Suppress symptoms, We eliminate the root cause to transform your health!

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3 powerful steps to become a successful practioner

Step 1: Learn proven & tested treatment method

This has been used by 1.5 million plus people for chronic health conditions, whenever you recommend to any of your client there is predictable assured results for each chronic health condition.

Step 2: Make clients happy & satisfied

Remarkable results in your client generate referrals naturally.

Step 3: Be Successful Expert

Create remarkable & fast recovery from chronic health conditions for your clients.

We care about you and your client's and we hold your hand till you succeed


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people got relief in chronic health conditions

Here's is what we offer

Book 8 hours Arthritis Training.

Book 8 hours pulse reading training.

Who can join us

All medical Doctors, Ayurvedic Practitioners, Diet & Lifestyle Consultants, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Natural Healers, Yoga Teachers/Professionals, Heilpraktikers etc. All attendees will receive a certificate of participation.


Name- Cornelia Wurn Country- Austria
Institute - Ayurveda Praxis Der 5 Element

“I have been practicing Ayurveda for about 5 years. I learned in-depth of pulse reading from this workshop. The theory and practice of pulse reading is very important and necessary for my work to interpret more and more in my practice”.

Name- Koch Peter Country- Germany
Institute- Ayurvedic Clinic

“ I have been practicing Ayushakti way of Ayurveda from the last 10 years. From this workshop, I learned to lift the life of patients up with happiness and connect with them through Ayurveda treatment and I will be able to use more Ayushakti tools effectively on the patients”

Name- Jo Formosa Country- Australia
Institute- Health Dynamics

“ I have been practicing Ayushakti way of Ayurveda from the past 10 Years. From these one week workshop, I learned Pulse reading, the importance of herbs and what is in the herbs, also how to teach pulse reading. This workshop helped me to enhance more clarity with pulse reading with my clients and gave me a better structure to train my team and more knowledge of the herbs, and its positive impact on one’s health conditions.”

Name- Marette Glori Country- The Netherlands
Institute- Suhhe Texel

“ I am practicing Ayushakti way of Ayurveda from the past 3 years. From this workshop, I learned a structural and in-depth step by step pulse reading. I will take the pulse reading in a more structural way and gain faith from my clients in the treatment”.

Name- Dr. Stephen Wechsler Country- USA Newyork
Institute- Network Chiropractic

“ From the past 14 years, I am practicing Ayushakti way of Ayurveda. In these One week of Ayushakti Ayurveda workshop, I found that I can teach well Ayurveda to others and I can implement the treatment on my patients at a deeper level”

Name- Dipika Delminico

I have learned so many wonderful,wise, impairing thing from Dr.Smita.One of the thing I have learned and still continue to learn from Dr.Smita is to really celebrate and embrace, the divine feminine in all we do as practioners in all we meet in interaction with patients, and not only in clinics but in life, with how we relate to ourself, how I relate to myself, family, community and all living beings, and this is the important thing more than ever this time in humanity to have the opportunity to be mentored to relate by example one who really imbodies such understanding in their life.

So after 20 years of practicing Ayushakti Ayurveda and really coming to my life assimilation and maturation of all the teaching I have received from Dr.Smita Naram ,I became Ayurvedic women And ayurvedic women is about wellness in all phases of womanhood, woman is sacred, she is the lynchpin of the life she renowned , she has the ignite capacity to create life, and in the human body There is so many cycle season, phases, that the woman must negotiate and often a woman does not feel impowered to feel like master navigator of her life, so the ayurvedic women draw on all this wonderful ayurvedic wisdom that is being gifted to humankind.

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