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It is known that allergic reactions that are caused by substances which are also known as allergens to which people who are allergic have become sensitized. Severe allergic reactions which are also known as anaphylaxis are caused due to certain types of foods or the stings of certain insects or some medicines. Nonetheless, quite a few people are allergic to allergens found in the air around us and the general environment also known as aeroallergens that we are surrounded with. This includes:

The pollen that is found in trees and the grasses

The dust mite found in many houses

The moulds                                      

Pets which includes cats as well as dogs


While these might not be the usual suspects, they do cause anaphylaxis many times. They can cause some very troublesome symptoms which in turn can seriously affect a person’s quality of life, along with his health.


Some of the most common allergies due to aeroallergens are:


allergic rhinitis ( when seasonal this is called hay fever) which affects the nose and eyes

asthma which affects the lung

both rhinitis and asthma together

more rarely eczema or urticaria (hives) which affect the skin

However, not all patients with these conditions will have an allergic cause for their symptoms. It is therefore important to discuss with your health professional whether allergy may be contributing to these conditions.


Ayushakti offers Natural treatment for respiratory diseases and can help the person suffering through such unfortunate circumstances.

Respiratory disease treatment provided by Ayushakti is the state of the art and has been designed using the age-old ayurvedic traditions which are well known to help cure people of respiratory ailments.

Let's look at the symptoms that are caused by respiratory allergens.

The indoor allergens are known to most commonly affect a person’s nose, chest, skin and also his eyes. The symptoms include an itchy and a runny nose. At times it could also be a very congested nose where the person continues to sneeze on a constant basis. This happens as the airways get irritated. Also, the symptoms might also include coughing, tight chest, wheezing, the shortness of breath followed by

itching, watering, inflammation of both eyes itchy skin, rashes, wheals

congested sinuses and headache.

A person suffering from respiratory illnesses will also go through disturbed sleep

and poor concentration along with other symptoms. The symptoms of such a person will get even worse when indoors, or in bed. It is also common for the symptoms to go even worse early in the morning.

The respiratory illnesses are very much unlike hay fever which is usually caused by the pollen, indoor allergens and can lead to the symptoms throughout the year, although it is quite known that the symptom’s severity will vary from day to day. The symptoms are normally worse when the winter season arrives. The symptoms may improve abroad in a place which is hot or very cold, but it needs to be dry.


So, what are the key causes of indoor allergies?


Don’t underestimate house dust mites


House dust mites are present in all houses are quite prevalent of all allergens. They are the leading cause of allergic reactions in 85% of children who suffer from asthma. The warmth and humidity in cities like Mumbai make an ideal breeding environment for these mites. They cannot survive the weather which is extremely dry or very cold. Like most living creatures, they are in constant need of warmth, food and water.

And, the animal allergens

Animal allergens are the next most frequent cause of reactions related to allergies. The allergen that is known to trigger allergic responses is generally found in the saliva, skin and urine of the animal. When the animal grooms, the allergen coats the skin, fur or feathers.

If you are suffering from allergic reactions than visit the nearest Ayushakti clinic and speak to our doctors about it. Our doctors are allergy specialists and have been researching the illness for quite some time. They take a special interest in allergies, so visit the nearest clinic for diagnosis. They take a detailed allergy history and examine you with tests which enable them to correctly diagnose your condition and plan your future management. Ayushakti offers you the most natural treatment for respiratory diseases and is an expert in

respiratory diseases treatment.


Ayushakti's mission is to help people in every possible way. You can consult our experts on phone or video. We will suggest diet & home remedies for maintaining your wellbeing in these difficult times. Book your consultation here

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Author of the Blog: Dr. Ramchandra Konduskar

Expert Review By: Dr Smita Pankaj Naram

Co-Founder, Ayushakti Ayurved Pvt Ltd


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