How to lose weight fast at home?

How to lose weight fast at home

“Lose 10 kgs in a week!” We have all seen such phrases being thrown around like confetti. However, is there any truth to it? Although one can lose that much weight in that amount of time, it really depends on one's metabolism and levels of physical activity. 

Weight loss comes down to two things: your diet and physical activity. Eat fewer calories than you burn - is a thumb rule of losing weight. Since most of us snack on unhealthy options throughout the day, incorporating healthier snacking alternatives into your diet can be extremely beneficial.                          


Home remedy to Loose weight

When you are trying to shed a few kilos, always remember to follow a diet plan which in turn will help you to lose weight the right way. This detox water will not only help to lose weight over time, but also help to remove the toxins from the body. Try this simple and effective remedy at the comfort of your home. 

Detox water to reduce excess weight 


1 tsp - cumin seeds powder
1 tsp - coriander seeds powder
1 pinch - asafoetida
1/2 - tsp carrom seeds powder
1/4 - tsp black salt


Mix all the ingredients well and boil it in half a glass of water 

Drink this detox water 2/3 times a day


Marma or acupressure is the basic principle of applying external physical pressure on easy and accessible body parts. It boosts metabolism and aids in weight loss. You do not need any professional assistance while practising Marma. You can do it in the comfort of your home if you know the right techniques. 

Below are 4 Marma points that you can massage to aid in your weight loss journey: 

  1. Upper lip 
  2. Inner elbow 
  3. Ear point 
  4. Thumb point 


Healthiime detox program is not just a weight loss program, but also a journey towards self-help cleansing process. This process provides a holistic approach to a healthier lifestyle. It builds strength from within and boosts immunity, hence you can experience long-lasting freedom from illnesses. The key to a comfortable cleanse is to ease yourself into the program and relax while the detox box does its magic. 

Benefits of choosing Healthiime Detox Program

  • Helps to remove Aam toxins (impurities) and blockages from the overall body 
  • Controls body weight
  • Improves metabolism
  • Increases energy & blood circulation
  • Promotes a healthy body
  • Promotes resistance power


Happy client Sarala Nair, sharing her experience of using this detox program and witnessing results like never before in just 28 days! Do not believe us? Watch it yourself.

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While trying to lose weight, it is important to not starve yourself. Be mindful of your doshas and keep them as balanced as you can to avoid any chronic pain or illness in the future. Incorporate healthier snacking alternatives like stuffed moong dal pancake and healthy moong chaat recipe in your diet and avoid foods that are bad for your health. Follow a proper, healthy diet (eat fewer calories than you burn) and have an exercise routine. Regularly following these tips will help you in your weight loss journey.

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