Suffering from lungs infection?

What is a chest infection? It is an infection that is known to affect your most vital organ, your lungs. The infection happens in either the larger airways, which is known as bronchitis or in the smaller air sacs, which then is known as pneumonia.

When any of the above happens what really is happening is that a build-up of pus and fluid, also known as mucus starts to happen, and the airways become swollen which makes it difficult for the concerned person to breathe properly.

Chest infections are known to affect people of all age groups. From the young children to the elderly. Everyone is at risk, as well as people who are not in a good state of health and are smokers. A chest infection can be a very serious problem for all people.


So, what are the symptoms of chest infections?

Pneumonia is a serious illness and is much more common in the winter compared to the spring. It can strike in a sudden manner or can come on over a few days. The symptoms of the disease will depend on the age you are at and so will the severity of the infection that the person is dealing with. Also, if the concerned person is having any other medical problems the situation might get even more complicated. The symptoms of the disease include:


Breathing in a fast or difficult manner

Coughing with a brown or green-coloured phlegm

Fever which includes sweating, shivering and chills

Feeling unwell for a prolonged period

Blue colour around the lips also known as cyanosis

Suffering from stomach pain

Suffering from chest pain

Having Headaches

Suffering from general aches and pains

A loss of appetite

If a child is suffering from the symptoms then he may also vomit or have diarrhoea and be irritable or lethargic.


So, what are the causes of the chest infections

There are many causes which are related to the infection but the main cause might

A virus infection.

An infection caused by malignant Bacteria

Mycoplasma, which is also a bacteria but a special kind of bacteria


How to diagnose a chest infection

The natural treatment for respiratory diseases is the treatment that the doctors at Ayushakti provide you with Respiratory diseases treatment that is the best in the industry.

Usually, doctors are known to arrange some tests for the patients and these tests could include:

Chest x-ray

A sample of your phlegm

Blood tests.


So what are the treatments for chest infections?

Most people who suffer from bronchitis can be treated even at home with the right guidance and are capable of making a full-fledged recovery. The assessment of the severity of an illness like pneumonia is quite complex. While some patients can be managed at home on the medicines that are provided by the doctors at Ayushakti, those who are assessed as severe will require admission. The doctors at Ayushakti take utmost care of their patients and administer natural treatments that are the best when it comes to respiratory diseases treatment.

So what are the treatment options that are available:

Your doctor will suggest the best course of action. And will also administer the medications that you will be needing to get over the attack.

There are some people who will have to be admitted to a more intensive care regime for further treatment, especially if they are young children and the elderly who are at greater risk of some serious complications arising.

The review with an Ayushakti doctor may be needed within 48 hours, especially if you the condition is not improving, and again in six weeks to make sure that you have made a recovery and the illness is gone for sure. The doctors at

Taking care of yourself at home

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If you have a bacterial chest infection, you should start to feel better 24 to 48 hours after starting on the medicines provided to you by the Ayushakti doctors. You may have a cough for days or weeks but when at Ayushakti you will be feeling better in no time. For other types of chest infections, the recovery is more gradual. You may feel weak for some time  but a recovery will be in order and with enough rest and the right treatment you will on track in no time.

Go straight to your local doctor or the nearest hospital emergency department if you (or your child) have trouble breathing, have a high fever or feel worse.

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Author of the Blog: Dr. Hemang Parekh

Expert Review By: Dr Smita Pankaj Naram

Co-Founder, Ayushakti Ayurved Pvt Ltd


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