Detoxification – The Authentic Ancient Ayurveda Treatment Program To Boost Our Metabolism And Digestion

Overeating, lack of physical exercise, stress either physical or mental, regular intake of  Junk Foods, Spicy, Fermented, Fried Foods, Alcohol, Smoking, Excess Tea, Coffee, cool drinks and Fatty Foods, reduces the digestive fire –Agni

How and why toxins accumulate in our body?

 When the digestion and metabolism slow down the food is not digested properly. The first signs are feeling heavy after eating, gases, acidity or constipation or loose stools. The moment you feel this it is important to immediately eat very light like soups so that digestion gets to rest and recovers, but mostly we drink coffee after food to clear the lethargic feeling and don’t do something for digestion. The undigested food stays in the body and it decays and becomes a very sticky mucous known as Aam. So toxins are produced from the wrong food, too much stress, no exercise etc.

Toxins pile up in your body drop by drop over years like a snowball effect.  Aam moves through blood and blocks many channels. And suddenly one day you experience pain, stiffness, tiredness, no concentration, infections, cough, cold, allergy, and blockage related problems. When you ignore these small signs of toxins accumulation in your body, it leads to bigger problems.

What are the symptoms of Aam?

Confusion and lack of focus

  1. If the stool sinks in the toilet instead of floating on the water, there is Aam.
  2. If you feel heavy and drowsy after a meal
  3. You look obese, bloated and difficulty controlling weight
  4. The tongue is coated with white colour
  5. Feel burned out, no energy no matter how much nutrition and vitamins you have taken.

What happens if we ignore the signs of toxins?

These toxins are very heavy and sticky. Where ever they go they can create blockages, If they stay in the small intestine they can block the absorption and create chronic fatigue. If they travel in blood circulation and get stuck in any arteries it can create either thrombosis or blockage of arteries in the heart or head region. And they can also get stuck in the liver or pancreas creating fatty lover or high blood sugar.  Mentally these toxins create loads of emotional and mental blocks. If they get stuck in the respiratory tract they can create chronic allergies, sinuses, or breathlessness.

What do we do at home to remove the toxic aam regularly?                      

Ayushakti wants to share a very powerful and simple home routine that can burn toxins easily and you can feel very light, energetic and clear in your head. This is a fasting regimen please note it down so you can follow step by step.

First two days, be only on ginger & cumin water fasting. Keep on drinking warm ginger water every half hour throughout the day. – This improves Agni.

Recipe:- Take 5 glasses of water boil it and add 2 tsp. cumin powder, ½ tsp. ginger powder and drink this Lukewarm throughout the day every half an hour.

Trust me you will not feel weak rather your toxins will burn and create energy.

3rd day to 8th day – only have whole green gram (mung) and vegetable soup.  One cup soaked whole mung and 2 cups of vegetables like pumpkin, zucchini, squashes, leafy vegetables cooked well and add garlic ginger paste, and other spices as per your choice.  Have this soup warm throughout the day whenever you feel hungry.

It is very good for digestion, balancing the doshas, provide protein to the body and help remove Aam.  You feel more energy, reduction in lethargy, improved focus and no heaviness in the body.

9th and 10th day – add ½ cup rice with 1 cup mung yellow dal and 2 cups vegetables, add 6 – 7 cups of water and spices of your choice especially ginger and garlic is better and cook it and make it like porridge add a tsp. of ghee. This recipe is known as khichdi. Take this as breakfast, lunch and dinner.

11th day onwards, return to the normal diet.

Whenever you experience signs of toxins, do this cleansing, you will notice the reduction in the toxins and blockages.

What diet do you recommend for removing Aam toxins and improve digestion?

Avoid spicy, sour, fermented foods. Avoid wheat, refined flour, red meat. Limit sugar intakes.

Eat more fresh organic fruits, vegetables, mung, lentils, millets, rice. Nuts, and beans in your diet. These provide you with nutrients, antioxidants and fiber necessary for immune function.

Sip hot water, or ginger tea throughout the day to boost the digestive fire (Agni) and spice up your meal with herbs like thyme, oregano, rosemary, Ginger, Black pepper, garlic etc.

In Ayushakti, what detox program you suggest for wellbeing and longevity? And how often one should do the detox program?

Detox is an internal cleansing program to remove the toxins and fat from the body thereby helping you to reduce and/or prevent the chances of illness.

Detoxification at Ayushakti is a powerful 3 to 5 weeks program which involves 5 steps – First stage liquefying the toxins which are stuck in our tissues and channels, the Second stage moving them to our digestive system using special herbal oils internally and massaging externally, third stage elimination of toxins through stools using special herbs, 4th stage lubrication using special herbal oil & Enemas and finally rejuvenation to the whole body through specially designed plans.  The process relieves the causes from the root thus, prevents further relapses and complications in any illnesses.    It is very essential to detox your body at least once every year to maintain and prevent you from any kind of illnesses.

Like we service our car regularly by washing, cleaning, greasing etc. for the smooth functioning of the engines, the same way, for better body functions, we need to service our body by removing toxins, improving digestive fire, regulate immune functions, removing blockages and improve circulation. You feel fresh, energized, more focused with the good memory, improved muscle functions, relief in numbness, tingling and pain and weakness.

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Finally, all the secretions like hormones, enzymes, become normal and organs like liver, kidneys, digestive system, bones, respiratory tract, becomes clear from the toxins and start functioning normally.

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Author of the Blog: Dr. Rajeshri Mehta

Expert Review By: Dr Smita Pankaj Naram

Co-Founder, Ayushakti Ayurved Pvt Ltd

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