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A good treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be done right at home. Home treatments, when done right, can help reduce the pain and prevent further damage to the median nerve. If the treatment is done as soon as the symptoms occur, then complete relief can be achieved. This is the power of good home treatment.

In the case of symptoms or signs that aren’t too severe, the following treatment can be followed:

  • A wrist splint that will keep the wrist in a neutral position at night. It will also help to decrease the pressure acting on the median nerve
  • Applying ice to the wrist for 12 mins, once in an hour, is good for carpal tunnel syndrome treatment
  • Cease doing any activities that put a strain on the wrist. Take rest and resume the activities only after the symptoms have reduced. Try keeping the wrist straight or only slightly bent

The above steps should be followed if the person is experiencing symptoms such as pain in the hands and fingers, inflammation, a feeling of weakness/numbness, tingling sensations.

In carpal tunnel syndrome, the numbness in the hands lasts for months and makes the usual activities in daily life, difficult.

The main objective of any carpal tunnel syndrome home treatment is to allow the individual to return to his/her regular activities and prevent nerve damage and any decrease in muscle strength in the hands and fingers.

Following are the types of treatments that are also designed with the same objective:-

  • Surgery: Surgery is usually the last option, but it is done with the goal of reducing the pain in the hands. It is usually done when the pain lasts for extremely long durations and increases the risk of nerve damage.
  • Medicine: Medicines also sometimes help in Carpal Tunnel syndrome. However, opting for natural medicines would be advisable.
  • Physiotherapy: Can help reduce pain and manage physical activities better.


Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment can involve different treatments as well. For example, if Rheumatoid Arthritis or any other inflammatory Arthritis is causing Carpal tunnel syndrome, then treatment may have to focus initially on solving the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel syndrome first.

Yoga has a number of different postures. Any of these postures can be used for strengthening the muscles of the upper body and attaining better grip strength. A hand therapist can also be seen for treating any kind of a pain in the hand.


Carpal Tunnel syndrome is basically a nerve disorder. It can also be caused by diseases like Gout, hyperthyroidism or Diabetes. The probability of an individual getting can increase if the individual engages in activities like scrubbing, assembling and handling small/minute parts, or even holding tools that cause vibrations, in the hand. As you can see, these are pretty common factors and therefore, almost any individual can get carpal tunnel syndrome.

Before beginning any treatment, it is important to consult a doctor first, so as to be sure that it is Carpal Tunnel syndrome and not any other disease-causing the symptoms. Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment also depends on how severe the nerve damage actually is.

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If a woman develops carpal tunnel syndrome during pregnancy, then ideally the symptoms should go after 6-12 weeks post-delivery. Unfortunately, the damage to the median nerve can be a lot more and surgical intervention would have to be done.

The point to be noted here is that Carpal Tunnel syndrome is definitely treatable. Symptoms can be treated in a day, but that depends on what treatment the individual has opted for. Treatment taken from an inexperienced person can be expensive, at times, risky, and definitely ineffective to say the least.

One should be aware of all the activities that are making use of the hand. Can too much typing on keyboards cause Carpal Tunnel syndrome? Maybe. It hasn’t been proved yet, but it seems highly possible since a lot of people are getting it along with most of the jobs today being focused on the computer. Carpal tunnel syndrome starts out pretty slowly. Before one knows it, the symptoms have set in and the person will have to rush for treatment. Care should be taken to be aware of the body and elements affecting it on a daily basis.

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Author of the Blog: Dr. Archana Singh

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