Ayurveda Suggested Foods For A Healthy Liver

 Ayurveda Suggested Foods For A Healthy Liver

The liver serves as our essential organ for detoxification and would appear to be powerless to accumulate toxicity after some time; it has an influential built-in capacity concerning regeneration. However, the uplifting news is that the liver knows how to recuperate itself — we have to offer proper support through proper diet and lifestyle.


When it comes to working on your liver health, taking Ayurvedic drugs for fatty liver isn't the main thing you should opt to do!


Here is a rundown of diet and lifestyle transforms you should make for a better liver.



Since the liver is engaged with the digestion process, and because one of its essential processes is to channel and wipe out any toxins we ingest, our eating schedules unavoidably affect the strength of the liver.


The following diet practices will help secure and restore the liver:


1. Pitta Pacifying Foods

Since pitta is so intently attached to the liver, a pitta-pacifying diet will help liver health and purifying — especially during the summertime.

To have:


  • Consume sweet fruits such as coconut, figs, apples, black grapes, pears, resins, etc


  • Include bitter-tasting vegetables in your daily such as bitter gourd, french beans.


  • Green vegetables such as bitter green kale, spinach and the sulphur content  helps to clean the liver and have lots of chlorophyll in them.


  • Drumstick - The pods made into a soup are prescribed as a diet in sub-acute cases of enlarged liver and spleen.


  • Go for cooling, pitta-pacifying spices such as ground coriander, fresh cilantro, fennel, cumin, turmeric, dandelion and mint in your meals. 


  • Ghee is the simplest fat for the liver to process, and it also assists with reestablishing enzymatic function. Therefore, during a liver detox, favour ghee over different oils and fats, yet, use it sparingly.


  • If your eating patterns incline toward an excess of pitta, you will probably find raw vegetables and green vegetable juices especially reinforcing for the liver.

2. Foods that Aggravate Pitta

To avoid:


  • Avoid salty, spicy, fatty and pungent tastes foods.


  • Say no to preserved, refined sugars and junk foods.


  • Minimize caffeinated beverages such as carbonated drinks, coffee, and soda.


  • Staying away from any extra toxicity from prescription drugs, alcohol, or tobacco will support your liver health.


  • Limit the consumption of red meat as it is hard to digest, might bring out toxins in the body if not cooked properly.


3. Additional Diet tips to keep your Liver Healthy

  • Eat organic, freshly-cooked foods that are easy to digest.
  • Drink lots of water to flush out toxins, but be sure water is filtered.
  • Start your day with a pear or stewed apple, to set the metabolism and detoxify the liver.
  • Fix your eating habits and schedule.
  • Follow a high-fibre and low-fat diet.


The following lifestyle strategies will assist with keeping pitta cool and quiet throughout the system, supporting the liver.


  • Try adhering to a fixed timetable, rising with — or even previously — the sun, and retiring moderately early (ideally by 10 p.m.)


  • When stepping outside, safeguard your body from harsh sun exposure by wearing lightweight, loose clothes that cover as much skin as could be expected. In addition, the head and the eyes are especially delicate to light and intensity, so make certain to wear a sun cap and shades.


  • Exercise in the early morning or night, from around 6-10 a.m. or again p.m., is far more supportive for Liver health.


  • Exercises such as walking, hiking, swimming, cycling, and yoga — all finished with relaxed efforts are best for keeping pitta balanced.


  • Ayurvedic self-massage Abhyanga supports liver health by reducing stress and helping clear emotional disturbances.


  • Regular practice of Yoga, Meditation, and Pranayama, even for 10-15 minutes daily, can be supportive for liver health.



To keep your liver healthy, make it a habit to stick to the fundamental standards of Ayurveda - balance and control. That implies eating fluctuated food sources and keeping away from overindulgence.


For more customized diet plans, you can book a consultation with our Ayurvedic specialists in Ayushakti.