Why do you suffer from chronic pain ?

As per 5000 years old traditional wisdom, we suffer from chronic pain because of excess Vata (air) in the body. Too much gas or air when settles in the joints & bones, it creates stiffness, pain and degeneration. Too much of Aam (the toxic mucus) created from low digestion when settles in joints or back or neck or spine, it produces swelling, spondylosis or slip disc..


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How do you know whether you suffer from Arthritis?

When you suffer from symptoms like:

  • Morning stiffness and pain in finger joints and legs.
  • Bout of pain in shoulder, neck and back, and movements are restricted.
  • Frequent Pain and swelling in knee joints, ankle joints and muscles.
  • Chronic pain in back, neck and knee joints.
  • Difficulty in walking, sitting on the floor and climbing steps

Ayushakti’s powerful Arthrox treatment to relieve any kind of Arthritis & pain

Arthrox is a combination of diet, home remedy herbal remedy, panchkarma treatment and Marma.

General diet in treating any kind of Arthritis & joint pain :

Avoid : Wheat, sour and fermented foods, red meat, gas producing foods, heavy beans, Pickles, lemon, tamarind, tomato, curd, raw salads.

Take more of : Vegetables, mung, mung daal, yellow and red lentils, rice, multi grains like Millets (jwari bajri, nachini). Spice up your foods with garlic, ginger, pepper, asafoetida, cinnamon, cumin, coriander etc. Consume cooked vegetables like pumpkin, bottle gourd, French beans, carrot, spinach, other leafy greens, zucchini, asparagus, tendli, galka, broccoli. Occasionally you can have chicken and fish. Your food combination should be 60% vegetables, 30% proteins and 10% carbs.

Ayushakti herbal remedies for relieving pain &inflammation, deep rejuvenation of

Painmukti MJ 2 -2 (tablets in the morning and two tablets in the evening after food)
Relieves pain, stiffness, inflammation & promotes joint flexibility

Painmukti Sandhi-cal 2-2 (tablets in the morning and two tablets in the evening after food)
Improves joint strength, promotes calcium to bones, prevent bone degeneration

Painmukti cream – apply 3-4 times a day on the painful areas.
Deep penetrating Painmukti cream helps provide instant and long lasting relief from joint pain.

Suhruday – 2-2 (tablets in the morning and two tablets in the evening after food) Improves metabolism, promotes blood circulation thereby relieving blockages of toxins.

Sandhiyog – 1 -1 (one tablet in the morning and one tablet in the evening after food) Relieves old chronic pain, rectifies and balances Vata movements, deeper rejuvenation for joints, promotes strong joints.

How Arthrox detoxification panchkarma treatment for – 3-5 weeks help remove the pain and inflammation from the root and strengthen the bones and joints ?

Symptoms before Arthrox treatment

Benefits after Arthrox treatment

Depleted bone density

Improved bone density to normal

Pain in hip, back bones,
Shoulder pain

Remarkable reduction in
pain and stiffness

Pain, stiffness in neck, knee,
back, anckles. Morning stiffness

Reduction in pain, inflammation
and stiffness.

Crepitus sound in knee
and hip joints

Improved joint function, no
crepitus sound in knee & hip joints

Difficulty standing and walking,
climbing steps, sitting on the floor

Could stand and walk without pain.
Could sit longer time on floor without pain

Weak joints and bones

Strong joints, bones.


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